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Satnam Singh

I’m a computer scientist and hardware engineer working for the AI chip company Groq in California that deploys LLMs (large language models) at scale with very low latency. There I have been working on the design of hardware for the power management of machine learning inference chips, the formal verification of machine learning hardware, and the front-end components of a compiler for machine learning models (MLIR, ONNX, JAX, PyTorch, Tensorflow, StableHLO).

My background is in topics like functional programming; formal methods; hardware design esp. FPGAs and machine learning ASICs; and distributed systems orchestration. I was an early member of the Kubernetes team at Google.

I previously worked at Google (machine learning chips, cluster management), Facebook (Android optimization), Microsoft (parallel and concurrent programming) and Xilinx (Lava DSL for hardware design, formal verification of hardware). I started my career as an academic at the University of Glasgow (FPGA-based application acceleration and functional programming, software-defined radio).

My research interests include functional programming in Haskell, high level techniques for hardware design (Lava, Bluespec, DSLs in Haskell, Coq and C#), formal methods (SAT-solvers, model checkers, theorem provers), formally verified hardware/software co-design, FPGAs, and concurrent and parallel programming.

I am a Senior Member of the ACM and IEEE and a Fellow of the IET. I am also an elected member of IFIP WG2.8 (functional programming) and IFIP WG2.11 (program generation). I previously served as an elected member of ACM SIGPLAN. I have held part-time or honorary positions at The University of Birmingham, Imperial College London, the University of Washington, and the University of Santa Cruz (UCSC). I am currently a visiting academic at the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge.

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Employer Role and Location
2021 — present Fellow, Groq
Mountain View, California
2019 — 2021 Software Engineer, Google Research (formerly Google AI)
Mountain View, California, USA
Also Lecturer at UC Santa Cruz, Jack Baskin School of Engineering
2017 — 2019 Software Engineer, Google X
Mountain View, California, USA
2015 — 2017 Software Engineer, Facebook
Menlo Park, California, USA
2012 — 2015 Software Engineer, Google
Mountain View, California, USA
2006 — 2011 Researcher, Microsoft Research
Cambridge, UK
Also Professor of Reconfigurable Systems
University of Birmingham
Visiting Lecturer
Imperial College, London
2004 — 2006 Principal Architect, Microsoft
Redmond, Washington, USA
Also Affiliate faculty at EE University of Washington (2005)
1998 — 2004 Principal Engineer, Xilinx
San Jose, California, USA
1991 - 1997 Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Dept. Electrical Engineering Department, then Computing Science Department
University of Glasgow, UK
Also Consultant, Requirements Reuse
British Telecom
London and Ipswich, UK (1992 - 1993)
Software Engineer (GUI development and Hardware Synthesis)
Compass Design Automation / VLSI Technology
Sophia Antipolis, France (1992)
1987 - 1987 Programmer (Unix, C)
European Silicon Structures
Bracknell, UK
1986 - 1986 Programmer (MS-DOS, Turbo Pascal)
Glasgow Dental Hospital, Glasgow, UK


When What
1983 — 1987 BSc (Hons) Computing Science
University of Glasgow, UK
1987 — 1990 PhD Computing Science
University of Glasgow, UK


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