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Aloo Baingan

Aloo Baingan

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  1. Pan-fry the eggplant and a quarter teaspoon of salt in a skillet with plenty of olive oil until you get a nice char to it and it softens.
  2. Heat neutral oil on medium high heat, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds waiting for either of them to crackle or pop.
  3. Add onions and sauté until they just turn light brown.
  4. Add garlic, ginger, green chili and curry leaves. Cook until fragrant, about a minute or two.
  5. Add all ground spices and salt, except garam masala, cook for a minute.
  6. Add tomatoes. Cook for about 5 minutes until oil separates.
  7. Add potatoes and 300ml of water, turn heat to medium high, stir. Cover and cook for 15 minutes. Check potatoes are almost done, cooking longer if required. Add more water if the mixture looks too dry.
  8. Add aubergines and turn heat to medium. Cook for about 5 minutes. Check potatoes and aubergines and cook longer if required.
  9. Mix in chopped coriander, lemon juice, fenugreek leaves and garam masala.
  10. Taste and adjust for salt.


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