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Friday 12 April 2024

Saison kitchen

We’ve been wanting to go to the legendry restaurant Saison in San Francisco for many years, ever since our Cambridge days when Steve Hand would bring back signed copies from his visits there. Susan requested Saison for her birthday dinner this year so we finally took the plunge and ended up having a fantastic dinner and evening there.

I was very impressed with their gluten-free accommodation for me, which included gluten-fee bread, an alternative tempura-batter based accompaniment for the crab course and a gluten-free stroopwafel.

The standout courses for us were the geoduck and the crab, although every course was excellent. The service was extremely good, warm and welcoming without the stuffy formalism we dislike that we’ve encountered at other restaurants of this level. Susan had a great birthday dinner!

The Menu

Oyster, green strawberry.
Delamotte, Blanc de Blancs, Le Mesmil-sur-Oger, France MV

Caviar, salsify, geoduck. JFC


Dungeness crab, heart of palm citrus, spring garlic, sesame leaf, broth of its shells, black cardamom. JFC
Arnot-Roberts, Rosé, California 2022.


Trout, new potatoes, peas.
Albeit, Hemelrand Vine Garden, Walker Bay, South Africa 2018.


Sea urchin, grilled sourdough (GF for me).
Sbirataki Sbuzo, SEVEN, Junmai Daiginjo, Nigata, Japan.

Sea urchin

Spring vegtables, fermented rice.

Brioche (GF bread for me).

Rabbit, morel.
Antoine Sunnier, Montmerond, Régnié, Beaujolias, France 2021.

Antelope, endive, huckleberry.
Boccella, Rascott, Campi Taurasini, Campania, Italy 2020.


Blood orange, salted cream.

Blood orange

Sunchoke, brown butter.
Rare Wine Co, Savannah Verdelho, Historic Series, Madeira, Portugal, NV.

Lemon poppy seed cake. Elderflower. Susan’s birthday cake.

Stroopwafel, chanterelle (a GF one for me).


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